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Weddings are one of our specialties here at Choice Music. With experience at and references from hundreds of weddings over the years, our experience and professionality will show.

We've worked at nearly every major wedding site in the area, and are referred by numerous vendors and sites in the wedding industry.

Our DJs have extensive experience from various weddings over the years featuring a wide array of couples and guests from all kinds of ages and backgrounds.
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How does the process work?

Every DJ here at Choice is specially trained for weddings, and can provide a full sound solution, including not only sound systems and DJing, but also wedding necessities such as wireless mics, live level mixing, full Ceremony music, full battery operated sound systems and much much more.

We and your DJ will personally help you plan out the musical and audio elements for your wedding. From your exact song needs to our suggestions if desired, we will create an entire chronological event by event list for your special day. We will then prepare personal CDs for your wedding day, and of course have various back ups if ever needed. We'll even give you the CD afterwards for your personal collection!

The enitre process is smooth, seamless and very personal, just like your wedding will be. Your DJ will show up knowing exactly what's happening and when, and can always make alterations on the spot if you ask.

Our DJs have extensive wedding experience, and can also work as a wedding coordinator on your wedding day if you don't have one, working with the venue, vendors and guests to keep things moving and fun. They will help you create a time line if needed, and will gladly perform coordination tasks such as releasing tables and directing people location and attention wise.

And, as always, your DJ will show up at least an hour and a half before your wedding, wear exactly what you want them to, and be professional, fun, and fully prepared.

With the amount of experience we have here at Choice Music, your wedding be flawless, memorable, and one of the best nights of your life. We promise it, and we have the references to prove it. Call us today!

Contact us for your free wedding consultation today!
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